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Welcome to your investment property management page. MYND offers comprehensive property management services to make it easier for owners to manage their rental properties. Our seasoned property managers will handle all the affairs of your rental business, from screening potential tenants to moving them out of your property. We will also promote rental homes using our unique and effective marketing methods to ensure that there are minimal vacancies among properties under our care. Everything that goes on with your property is at your fingertips via our owner portal. To access your personalized portal start by selecting your location below.

Your Property has our undivided Attention

At MYND we always adhere to equal opportunity housing but our internal screening process meticulously checks on the tenant’s income, credit, rental, and criminal histories. If the tenant fails to meet the minimum standards, then we will ask them to pay an additional security deposit or obtain a co-signer.

Our property managers may schedule and conduct property inspections upon your authorization to make sure that everything is fully functional. We will handle or oversee the inspection process and forward the results to you. We also encourage you to talk with your insurance agency regarding their policy on rental restrictions so we can ensure you of a hassle-free property management experience.

All maintenance tasks are handled according to the terms included in the Property Management Agreement act and the local Landlord Tenant Act. Our property managers will request for a work order from certified vendors whenever a tenant notifies us of a maintenance issue.

Appearance = Income

At times it may sound that we put too much emphasis on maintenance and appearance but we know from experience that properties which look good and are well maintained attract better tenants. We also recommend that all property owners install landscaping on their yards to make their property more appealing and easier to rent out. Our property managers can help you upgrade your property’s front or backyard. Simply call us up for a consultation.

MYND has been providing top-notch property management services for many years now. We’re willing to go the extra mile when managing your rental property. Part of our success comes from attracting the right tenants. After all, you don’t need a property management company for an empty property!