Flat-Rate Property Management Companies Near Me

As a top-rated property management company, serving more than twelve major markets and growing, RentVest helps you make the most out of your rental investments. As a property owner and investor, we assist you in every aspect of managing your properties so everything runs smoothly while maximizing profit on your rental homes. We also serve as the liaison between you and your tenants, making sure that we’ll look after the best interests of both parties.

The responsibilities of property management companies include rental, tenant, property maintenance, and records management. As reputable property managers, we will supervise every aspect of your rental property. We are not your lawyer or accountant but all our property managers have adequate knowledge in real estate local tax regulations and landlord-tenant laws. We’ll handle the day in and day out tasks so that the only thing that you’ll worry about is the paycheck that you’ll be receiving every month.

Property Management Company

Here at RentVest Property Management, we are proud of our team of highly skilled and talented property managers who live and breathe rental investments. All of our managers are strong and proactive, not to mention great communicators. We can help you every step of the way to success with your rental investment.

Real Estate Management

Our real estate management service is a top performer in the industry. We handle every aspect of property management, which includes tenant acquisition, maintenance repair, rent collection, and maintenance inspection. We’ll focus well on your investment property to give you a worry-free experience.

Home Rental Agency

Our home rental agency makes sure that you enjoy the maximum return on your residential property investment. We’re proud of our 68% lease renewal rate and average tenant occupancy length of 3.8 years. We’ve devoted countless hours to building a customer-centric property management company that offers reliable service.

Rental Property Management

Property managers help you handle all the tasks related to your rental property investments. We’ll do everything from finding the best tenants for your property, easing them in, collecting their rents, and coordinating maintenance repairs, all the way to extending their leases or helping them move out.

RentVest, a Property Management Company

Our property management company is dedicated to serving real estate investors in multiple markets throughout the country, particularly in Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Honolulu. Aside from a complete line of property management services offered at a flat monthly rate, we also provide full-scale specialized marketing services at zero upfront costs. Call us now if you need superior rental property management services.

Property Management Companies

One of the most important responsibilities of property management companies is rent collection. But aside from collecting rent from each tenant every month, we are also trained to set the right rent level to attract new tenants to your property to avoid prolonged vacancies. To do that right, our property managers are given proper training to better understand the market where your property is located. We’ll check your property’s performance against other rental options in the area and send you our recommendations. We may suggest an increase or decrease in the rental rate each year, depending on what’s allowed by the state or municipal law or if doing so is necessary to ensure tenant retention.

Our superior tenant management capabilities are what make us a top property management company in the area. We fill in all the vacancies in your property, which means that we always do marketing and advertising right. We also make sure that we carefully screen tenants before processing their leases. Our task also includes efficiently handling all kinds of emergencies, complaints, and move-out requests. All of these are the reasons why we’re a highly admired home rental agency.

Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

Also included in our property management’s responsibilities is to keep your rental home safe and habitable. We’ll ensure that all the physical elements of your property are in tip-top shape. We’ll let you know if emergency repairs are needed and when the next schedule of regular maintenance will be. All of these are included in our real estate management package.

We help get your home rent-ready to attract your ideal tenant.  Needless to say, we’ll do our best to keep all your current tenants happy and by doing so, easily attract new ones. To ensure that your property gets prompt and efficient repairs, we partner with top general contractors in the area in order to gain access to their large network of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and handymen.  They bill you directly so there is no middle-man and you get premier service from a vetted contractor and we take care of handling the payment.

Welcome to the NEW RentVest

In a strategic move benefitting both companies, RentVest has merged with Mynd Property Management. Mynd serves the small residential sector with a combination of on-the-ground experts and technology in a variety of locations throughout California and Washington.

”We decided to partner with Mynd because they have a great team and have invested deeply in technology that we believe can ultimately provide a better service. Our team is very excited about this and is joining the Mynd team to continue to grow and provide great service.” – Benton Cotter, CEO

The same great team will continue to serve you from the same great location. After we fully integrate with Mynd, we will offer broader geographic coverage, providing you access to fully managed, income-generating properties in markets with strong employment and rental growth. Investing in residential property out of state will be easy. Our areas of operation include: Atlanta, Phoenix, San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Reno, Tampa, Houston, Sacramento, Tucson, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Vancouver, Orange County, and San Diego