Every rental property is distinct—each has characteristics that set it apart from other rental properties in the area. When it comes to attracting potential tenants, understanding how to bring a property’s unique qualities center stage is the challenge.

The good news is, knowing a few simple strategies for emphasizing a property’s unique features requires minimal photography skills and little-to-no budget.

Utilizing the following tips, you can also start building your brand with engaging videos, enhanced Instagram posts and other tools.

Photograph The Property’s Most Sellable Features

Step one involves highlighting your rental property’s most sellable features by photographing them. Select the features that offer the most appeal to potential tenants. They can be both design-centric and practical. If you can combine both you have a better chance of appealing to the widest audiences.

Structure image features to focus on design elements like crown molding, wood flooring, a balcony or sizeable outdoor/patio space, and newly renovated spaces such as bathrooms or kitchen.

Create a collage with your images to allow tenants to see the property from a variety of angles. This way, online searcher skimming through listings can catch both interior and exterior images in one glance. Split photos like these get more attention as their layout sets them apart from other listings.

Add multiple images to Facebooks Carousel or Instagram’s multi-photo upload feature to create a versatile online view of the property.

Share High-Quality Images

Photographing the right features is an important first step. Step two is making sure your photos are high-quality. You don’t need an expensive camera or photography experience to accomplish this. An iPhone 7, for example, makes it easy to get expert-quality photos, thanks to its dual-lens camera with both a wide-angle and telephoto lens.

Other new digital phones with similar photo features make it possible to capture images with depth of field, a feature traditionally found only in pricey SLR and DSLR cameras. You get a great opportunity to shoot high-quality photos without investing in expensive camera equipment.

Put Data To Work

Apartment-seekers love facts, which makes utilizing available data to highlight a property’s most marketable features a no-brainer. A few data points to include in your property’s listings and ads include:

Walkscore: This data is great for attracting prospective renters looking for apartments that are accessible to grocery stores, local restaurants and bars, and other retailers. The key is knowing when to highlight Walkscore data and when to leave it out.

If the walking score is not high enough to appeal to walkers (under 70), don’t include it. Renters who are intent on finding a place with plenty of resources close by are looking for a Walkscore over 71.

Crime statistics: Naturally, safety is a high priority among people looking for a new place to live, especially those who are moving from another town or city and may be unfamiliar with your property’s area. If your community’s crime rates are lower than average, be sure to include them. This will especially appeal to families and people who live alone. Sites like MyLocalCrime and CrimeReports can provide the information you need here.

Age of property: If your rental is in a new building or house, clarify it in your listing and ads. Tenants prefer new properties that are less likely to need repairs that can create inconveniences.

Provide Virtual Home Tours

Another great way to highlight your property is with a virtual tour. Using your phone’s video recorder, create a walk-through tour of the property and upload it to YouTube or take a live video using your Facebook or Instagram business page. Either way, a virtual home tour offers a great opportunity to engage with prospective renters. While sharing the tour you can add comments and ask questions of viewers.

If you’re creating videos on a social platform, be sure to download them and then upload them to your YouTube channel. You can begin creating different sections for each rental property, so anyone interested in your listings can access walking tours whenever they want.

Take Advantage Of Tenant Testimonials

No one is in a better position to talk about a rental property’s best features than people who have lived there. If you have a good relationship with tenants, ask them to write a brief paragraph discussing the features they liked most about the property. Each tenant will like something different, so you can provide a broad perspective for every potential renter.

Feature these testimonials on social media, your website or directly on the listing page. Include the tenant’s first name, last initial and age range (20-25, 25-30). The age range is helpful because everyone appreciates different features at different times in their lives; this helps potential tenants qualify the information in terms of whether it’s important to them.

Featuring your property’s most sellable features isn’t at all hard to do. With the right strategy and ideas, you can capture the essence of your rental property, attract more prospective tenants, and build a brand for yourself.