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Are you a investment property owner in or near Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia? Ask yourself, is your current property management company charging you too much?

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Welcome to RentVest PM’s site if you have been searching for a flat rate rental property management firm in Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia you have found the right website. The number of property management companies in Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia is quite substantial. However, whether you’ve had a good or bad experience RentVest would like to show you how we make owning an investment property easy.

Exactly what do property managers in Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia do? Do you know what Property Managers do? The fact is they perform several functions, with one of the main things being collecting rent. rent collection might be a demanding task for many property investors. The better property they may have to manage, the more of a task it is to stay up to date with collecting rent, however property managers manage the whole rent collection process.

Additionally they handle maintenance issues. As an example, they could send a handy man to perform standard repairs or arrange for repairs services if they are required. All you need to do is agree to payments or pre-approve payments before-hand, doing this the manager of the property doesn’t have to call you each time maintenance has to be done.

Finding prospective tenants who can pay their rent punctually is another thing property managers see about. They are able to do credit report checks, carry out interviews and perform a thorough security check. They understand things to look for in relation to choosing renters.

Accounting is usually included with the support supplied by property managers. They may maintain correct files, which is useful when it is tax time. Bookkeeping is not a fun task, but it should be done and it should to be done properly, which is one of the reasons property investors propably hire property managers.

Hiring a Property Management Company in Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia!

Hiring a property management person will cost you money, however it can help you save considerable time. If you have homes that you own and rent out to clients, whether they are commercial or residential, then there are many things to care for. If it is only one or two units, perhaps you could keep on top of all of it, but when you get more than two, things get complicated quickly, and property management could be a full-time job, which happens to be that thing that you were trying to prevent or already have.

A property management company is the go between for you and the tenents, dealing with queries with tenants, repair requests, yard work, and also accepting and turning away tenants as need be. In exchange, the home management firm gets paid a portion of the rent for their time, before passing the remainder to the owner account.

As a property owner, your profit margin decreases, however, your schedule is free. Also, worthy property management firms are definitely worth the money considering how they may do away with bad tenants that cost money, make your properties in good condition, and find stable renters that lessen your vacancy rates and provide reliable and steady rental income.

RentVest Property Management growth as taking many other property management companies in Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia off guard. The reality is that Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia real estate investors had been looking for a dependable property management company in Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia for quite a while but it looks like that no one was listening. RentVest is the agency of chores for many rental property owners throughout Glenwood Park Atlanta Georgia and we would like the opportunity to show you how we can improve the ROI of your real estate investment property. Those looking for more info on the services we offer at RentVest Property Management we ask that you take a look our property management blog!

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What are the Costs and Benefits of a Professional Property Management Company?

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If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are considering hiring a professional property management company, but are not sure if you should or not.  We’ll break down three benefits and talk about the associated costs.

Increased Occupancy Rates

If the property stays vacant for long, you will not earn any rental income, but your expenses continue for somewhat of a double whammy. Since getting the right tenants is not easy, let professional property management companies do the work for you. They can find you tenants easily, thereby avoiding dry months when there is no rental income coming to you. They get you a fair market price which is the number one criteria for getting a property rented quickly.

Professional property management companies have seen and leased hundreds of features, study market trends, and have access to data that helps them prepare an in-depth market analysis, tools, and experience that help them find the optimal price to attract tenants and provide steady rental income.

Top companies know that nice professional photos make your property stand out to busy online searchers. Hire an experienced professional property management company that has worked with many renters. They know what amenities tenants are looking for and how to highlight the strengths of your home. They definitely know how to make your property shine. If your property requires some minor upgrades to increase the home’s marketability and rental income significantly, the company will know what to recommend so you can get your rental ready for tenants.

Avoid Legal Issues

Strong knowledge of all local, state, and national fair housing and landlord-tenant laws are required for you to manage your rentals properly. If you make rookie mistakes, like asking the wrong questions and taking too long to make certain repairs, you’ll be lead to hefty fines, lawsuits, and other legal problems. For instance, landlords usually find themselves in legal cases over security deposits which they charge tenants for property damage. This is because what the landlord sees as damage, the law and tenant may see as normal wear and tear.

On that hand, property management companies have years of experience handling such cases following the law. Moreover, they can save you, the owner, significant losses and hassles that come with a lawsuit. They can track changes in the rules, and many companies like MYND will regularly consult with real estate lawyers to ensure that their practices remain compliant in all areas, such as lease administration, holding, and returning security deposits, rent collection and enforcement, issuing late notices and fees, doing inspections, and allowing entry to the rental property, and processing eviction procedures.

High-Quality Tenants

A thorough screening process can help avoid many problems that come with problem tenants. This will help you not get unruly, irresponsible people without a track record. You can get higher paying tenants who request less for repairs, thus saving you a lot on maintenance fees, damage to property, and headache. Professional property managers will ensure that you get a proper screening of possible residents to avoid these problems later.

A rental manager will have the tools in place to check criminal records, credit, work history, bankruptcies, and evictions. They also make out time to call prior landlords and other references provided by the tenant. They can ask the right questions, can identify any red flags, and may even listen for reports and make phone calls. They do all this to ensure that the problem of the problematic tenant does not arise.

What are Fees Charged by a Professional Property Management Company?

The fees vary from each professional property management company.  One company that charges $75 flat per month may be more expensive than one that costs $99 a month because of additional fees.  MYND is not talking hidden or junk fees. These are fees that other property management companies openly charge you up front once you are ready to sign a contract.

MYND charges a couple of fees depending on the area you are located. In Arizona, we are revolutionizing the industry by charging only one price for a complete property management package. We charge only $99 a month, which saves owners an average of $892 even after considering the flat rate that other companies that charge less per month!

In other areas, we charge a flat rate of $80 a month plus 50% of first month’s rent once a tenant is placed.  Additional fees include $250 lease renewal, inspection fees, and rent-ready charges to get your property in tip-top shape.

Vendors are vetted and qualified and bill you directly.  You have access to our discounts for lawyers and accounting and other benefits.

MYND is a leading professional property management company and is among the fastest growing in the nation. Through affordable pricing, personal service, and transparent communication, we make investing in rentals a pleasure.  Contact us for more information.

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