Traditional apartment marketing strategies have lost their relevance. Digital marketing has transformed how property managers and landlords promote their vacancies and reach their ideal tenant audiences. It also makes you an investment property management specialist.

Smartphones and tablets have disrupted the real estate industry as a whole and head the digital rental marketing experience with strategies that now focus on choice, convenience, cross-devices, and creative storytelling. The result is a marketing megatrend that has redefined the way businesses in all industries promote their brands.

User Experience

Today’s apartment seekers often use multiple devices to search properties. An initial apartment search may start on a smartphone during a train commute to work and spread to a tablet to look at apartment images and floorplans, and eventually end on a laptop to complete and send application forms before a lease agreement is electronically signed.

Om the process, prospective tenants can access highly transparent information about competing apartments’ pricing and amenities that may avert their attention away from a property they initially had in mind.  Apartment listings must be supported and remain fresh by providing multiple options, all of which must be equally viewable across devices to stay one step ahead of the others. Property managers must commit to providing options and a stimulating tenant search experience through multiple devices that respond to specific prospective tenant needs. The strategy to appeal to potential renters involves people-based marketing, sophisticated customer journey, and meat-and-potatoes analytics.

Tenant expectations have changed dramatically in recent years, and the way property managers get in front of leads today has also changed, thanks primarily to mobile devices. The following is a rundown of today’s apartment marketing strategies that can help you improve your investment property management procedures.


Choice of product is the first key element in apartment marketing. Potential renters want options, and they’re comparison shopping online to find the best options to suit their needs. This is important for brands that apartment seekers have already committed to but who want options from which to choose.


Apartment seekers’ needs are no longer focused on price more about convenience and lifestyle quality when they’re looking for a rental. Mobile devices have enhanced their capacity to search comprehensively and receive information instantly, causing their expectations to intensify. Instant gratification is the driving force, and mobile devices are the conduit.


In traditional marketing product positioning on the shelf was vital. Today, consumers are accustomed to seeing products displayed equally on all devices as they search from one to the other during the entire customer journey.

Rental vacancies that are not viewable or available on a smartphone in the same effortless way as it is on a desktop are going to forfeit a significant portion of the market share. Mobile usage now surpasses desktop and laptop usage, which is why it is so important to emphasize the mobile experience to make sure that the customer journey is consistent across all devices.

Creative Storytelling & Showcasing Top-notch Investment Property Management

Today’s consumers form an emotional connection to brands that tell them a story. Apartment marketing is no different. Incorporating creative storytelling, aided by scrolling-page website architecture that includes all relevant brand information, helps to tell the brand’s story more cohesively.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review, 64 percent of consumers specify shared values as the primary motive for developing a relationship with a brand. That, along with superior investment property management skills, is your key to success.

For property managers, this presents a great opportunity to share a compelling story because choosing a living space is a personal decision. By telling a memorable story, multifamily businesses can create unforgettable marketing campaigns that include good core values that make potential tenants feel good about renting an apartment from you.

Reaching Ideal Tenant Prospects Using Analytics

The path to getting a lease signed is a disjointed endeavor today. Google Analytics is working on piecing that process together through probability- and deterministic-based matching, processes that identify target audiences based on their log-in trail across multiple devices.

Applying clean attribution marketing analytics provides better insight into the ways different interactions effect movement along the customer journey. For rental listings, these applications can provide property managers with clean leads that are more likely to convert to leases.

These tools are game-changing, taking rental vacancy marketing to new heights compared to traditional marketing strategies. Clean attribution modeling is one more step in the right direction to attaining a clear understanding of what drives the lead’s first contact and propelling their conversion. With all these marketing tips coupled with superior investment property management, there’s no way your rental business could go wrong.