There are different types of real estate property management services. Many property owners make the mistake of thinking that there’s no difference between the methods of property management and end up with a service that they’re not completely comfortable with.

Take your time learning the difference between the types of real estate property management then finding a company or manager that is an expert in what you want. It’s a little time consuming at first but should make your life easier in the long run. Choosing the wrong type of management will end up in your switching of managers or companies, which is likely to cost you time and money.

Self-Storage Management

As the name implies, self-storage management is most valuable for storage businesses. The duties of a self-storage management company will include managing daily operations and tasks, implementing the policies of the business, and setting prices for customers. Some self-storage management companies also offer extra services like training and hiring employees for HR duties. This type of management isn’t suitable for people who own apartments or houses and are looking for tenants.

Commercial Property Management

Own a building or land and would like to start generating income? A commercial property management company can help. These types of companies work in office spaces, warehouses, retail stores, and industrial properties. They’ll manage them for you by looking for suitable tenants, signing contracts, and performing regular maintenance to keep the property in good shape.

Commercial property management can be somewhat expensive compared to other types because there’s a lot more to do. Managing a factory or large office space is very different from managing an apartment. Companies renting commercial spaces will have more demands and maintenance will be more frequent.

Recreational Property Management

Recreational property management is one of the least commonly used types of management. It’s still heavily relied upon by people who own resorts, parks, and campsites, but when you compare it to commercial and residential management, it’s not as in demand.

Residential Property Management

This is arguably the most popular and in-demand type of property management. A lot of people own studios, apartments, and houses that they’re not using. Instead of letting their property stagnate, they can rent it for additional income. The money you get from leasing your property can be more than rewarding.

Most people, however, don’t have the experience to run their property themselves. This is where management companies and managers come in. They have years of experience under their belts and are equipped with the knowledge and tools to bring you that extra income without you having to worry about it. From finding tenants to keeping them happy and performing maintenance regularly and on-demand, the real estate property management expert will make sure your place keeps, or even increases, its value for years to come. You just need to know what type of property you have and whether it’s more suited for commercial, storage, or residential purposes before hiring the right company.