A real estate property management company isn’t something that simply works for the property owner. They should be partners and prioritize the value of the property and obtain the maximum possible income out of it. It’s true that the owner is the one with the most to gain or lose, but the management company will also be affected by how good of a job it does.

For the relationship between the real estate property management company and owner to flourish, the duties and responsibilities of the management company must be defined well. Here are some of those duties and how they must be performed.

Finance and Marketing of the Property

The management company is responsible for the budget of the property. This includes maintenance =, rental, and marketing costs. A record of all financial transactions must be kept by the company and shown to the owner regularly and whenever desired.

Marketing the property is major responsibility. The best property managers or management companies should know the market in which they operate and how competitive their prices are. This knowledge should allow them to properly advertise your property, which will save time and money while finding the best suited tenants.

Managing Tenants

Real estate property managers are the ones who find and screen tenants before leasing the place to the right ones. Failing to find the right tenants can be a huge problem. The best ones are those who pay their rent on time, don’t cause problems, and want to lease the place for a long time. Alternatively, those to avoid would be rent dodgers and troublemakers.

Having to deal with constant evictions followed by more marketing and tenant selection is a waste of time and money. Leasing to the right people for a long time will prove profitable in the short term and long run.

Facilities and Maintenance

Most property owners don’t want to perform maintenance themselves. They’re also not interested in hiring people for maintenance. Additionally, the last thing many property owners want is to get a call from a tenant complaining of a problem. These are all things that fall under the jurisdiction of the property manager. The tenants should get in touch with him or her for any issues. The manager should also stay on top of maintenance and repair things constantly to keep them in the best possible condition.


Property management companies should keep up with the laws and regulations of the state in which they operate. Each state has its own rules and making sure none of them are violated is the priority of any respectable property management company.

Contrary to popular belief, property managers are involved in a lot more than rent collection. Real estate property management is all about marketing the property, leasing to the right people, keeping them happy, preventing turnovers, and complying with the laws of the state where the property is located. By hiring a real estate property management company or manager, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort while putting your mind at ease.