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So thanks for checking out our videos.

While you’re here, I want to talk to you about property management with RentVest.

If you want somebody to do the work for you and do it better than you know how to do it, somebody with more experience and you know hey maybe you are great, but there’s no way you have as much experience as these guys do with 4000 properties under their belt!

And that’s just the ones they currently manage, we’re not talking about the ones they’ve done over the years. So with that you know comes the million plus phone calls and emails that they’ve answered and stuff like that.

And so you know if you are looking to rent out your property look into RentVest if they’re in your state. They’re in multiple states across the west, south and southeast. If not, get a hold of a good property manager to help you.

And so you could avoid some of those pitfalls – pitfalls that are very costly! RentVest has 90% occupancy rate, tenants stay for an average of 3.8 Years. Great for the long term rental.

If you’re not looking for a long term renter, you’re not sure you know they’re priced at the right fit for you or if you’re a vacation rental place or commercial place, it still may make sense to reach out.

They specialize specifically in residential property management – all their property managers own their own investment homes or have invested in real estate themselves. They do not hire or take on a property manager on their team unless they have this experience, so they are kind of a one stop shop if you’re looking for real estate advice on what properties to buy, where to buy the properties that had the highest rates, the highest returns. As well as the markets that are doing the best the markets that are struggling and what to avoid.

You know these are people you can build a relationship with and they can help you with your investments so that you can build that wealth for your family without as much risk as you do by yourself. So get a hold of RentVest. There’s always a link or something below.

Or just look them up. So wish you the best.

Get a hold of them now and at least talk to them, build a relationship with them even if you’re not going to use them. Start talking to them because they’re they’re a great company that can give you some valuable insight.

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