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Hello Portland tenants! The MYND Portland team welcomes you to the tenant’s page. If you need to communicate with our office, pay your dues, or make a service request, please click on the button above, labeled Tenant’s Login to access the properties dashboard. If you are a property owner in the Portland area and feel that you have landed in the wrong place, don’t worry, we have you covered, please click on the Owner’s Login button right next to it to access the owner’s portal.

If you are a real estate property owner in the Portland area looking for a property management company we welcome you as well. MYND is one of the most trusted flat rate property management services in the Portland area. We are not only a local company but rather a national firm with local offices in more than 13 markets.

Whether you have heard negative comments or had less than stellar experiences with property management companies in the past, we want you to put those sentiments aside. MYND is not unique but the last rental property management company you will hire! Owners of properties that we managed say that we make owning rental real estate easy and stress-free.

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Owning real estate investment properties doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive. After all, it’s an investment property, and the objective is to return a positive gain on your investment or ROI. The biggest issue that property owners have is with managing the property. If we took a survey of 100 real estate investors and asked them what is it that they hate about owning real estate, the great majority will tell you that is being a landlord. It doesn’t have to be like this. At MYND we make owning real estate investment properties easy and stress-free. We understand that there are a lot of negative connotations and in many ways resentment towards the work that we do. That is for the most part because there are many property management companies out there that would love to paint rosy pictures and then deliver a service that is short of that. At MYND we believe in doing what we say and not buying but the commitment that we make to every owner who hires us. We go out always to make tenants happy and feel at home. We look for every opportunity where we can save you money, and we are not shy about investing in technology. If you are looking or feel disappointed by your existing property management company let’s talk. We would like to have the opportunity to show you what makes MYND the best property management company in Portland, Oregon.