A Real Estate Management Company You Can Trust!

Real estate management involves a great deal of work, which is why many property owners and investors choose to hire professionals for the job. The most successful investors have reputable real estate property management companies working at their side. Hiring these professionals may cost a monthly fee, but their services are crucial in managing a thriving rental business if you value your time and recognize the value of an experienced manager.

Real estate management encompasses all the affairs involving a rental property. Property managers are the deemed experts in the financial and legal aspects of running a residential rental business, while also having adequate home repair knowledge and superior communication skills. Such combination is crucial in the rental property business.

Real Estate Management Services Inclusions

If you hire MYND to be your duly appointed property management company, then we’ll handle everything for you, from tenant occupancy concerns all the way to risk management analysis. As a premium home rental agency, we will also handle all tenant requests, which means we’ll act as the liaison between you and your tenants should the latter have any concerns, problems, or questions regarding their unit.

We will also help you with tenant acquisition and perform all the necessary background checks on potential tenants. We’ll help the new tenants in moving into their new home and the old ones in moving out if they decide to live somewhere else. If there are tenants that fail to pay their rental dues on time, we’ll coordinate the eviction process and replace them with prompt paying ones.

Other Real Estate Management Services

Aside from the usual services listed above, MYND’s real estate management also includes facility and financial management. Our reputable property managers are well-experienced in scheduling regular maintenance and can oversee home improvement projects that increase your property’s value. If there’s a need for emergency repairs, they’re on top of those as well.

The financial aspect of your rental business will also be handled professionally, as our reputable team of property managers will be responsible for collecting the rent, recording all finances, and balancing the books. These tasks alone take hours of work and preparation and they’re the reason why our services are rather indispensable for most property investors.

Risk management analysis is yet another important responsibility that is bestowed upon the shoulders of our top rental property management experts. This task involves knowing and understanding all the laws and regulations that govern the locality of the rental property. Property managers must help investors adhere to and comply with all applicable laws so as to prevent hefty fines and messy legal actions.

Premium Real Estate Management Services

MYND offers one of the best real estate management services in Phoenix, AZ. After many years of keeping an impeccable track record in our local community, we have decided to expand our reach to 12 other locations all over the US. We now have property managers who are ready to serve you in Salt Lake City, Tucson, Reno, Las Vegas, Portland, Atlanta, Vancouver, Denver, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Seattle, and Honolulu, among others. We have plans of opening up more offices in key cities across the country soon. If you need reputable property managers, set up an appointment with us today.