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Mynd Property Management
Reviewed from Google

4.6 out of 5 stars

Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

Mynd is a very simple way to rent as a tenant. I’m glad to know that payments, service requests, or any other necessary communications will be done with ease. Best of all, Julieta, showed me how great this company can be — kind, professional, timely. I hope there aren’t any issues moving forward, but if there are, I’m sure Mynd will make it easy for all of us.

JasJanelle Washington-Brown
JasJanelle Washington-Brown

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I was very pleased when my property management switched to MYND and allowed for the app. It made communication and payments much much smoother. Special shout out to Julieta. Once I was able to connect with her she was always quick to respond and guided me through the process of my special circumstance. She was always polite and wonderful to work with.

Cameron G
Cameron G

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Mynd, as a renter, has the best customer service. Cayla is really nice. Cayla has assisted me with questions, through the app, over the phone and email. It's been a hectic couple of years with my wife's heart condition. Cayla has been very understanding. Cayla, both my wife and I are very grateful you are with Mynd. Keep up the great work. Because, if you don't I can edit my review, LOL! Just joking! But seriously thank you Cayla and thank you to Mynd for having her on your team. Great work!

The Purpose Of Your Property Manager

Before getting involved on this topic is key to point out the theory behind contracting a property manager. If you question why a huge number of real estate property investors refer to us the top property manager in Alpharetta Georgia? This is because since coming to market we have fulfill the requirements of investors who rely on our services.

A home manager is accountable for many things while caring for a residential/commercial rental property.

Clients expect property managers to manage all requirements associated with their asset. This consists of coping with tenants, looking afiter possible upkeep issues, and making sure all things are working when necessary.

The property manager has to shuffle through most of these responsibilities to make sure the client’s asset is in good shape. So long as the house is functioning as required, the investor is happy. This can be all about the property manager’s shoulders, which implies they are usually out contributing to focusing on these details.

Most property managers have several properties under their name and make up a small portfolio of clients. This allows them to scan through different properties to be certain each one of these is well taken care of each day. Whenever there is a problem with one of these properties, they they take care of the issues.

Clients are generally forewarned about any issues and receive monthly/quarterly reports from the property manager. Your property manager is also accountable for keeping the client’s interests in mind whether these are typically financial or property-related. In general, the house manager is a go between renters and property owners. This depends on the agreement and what clients are seeking. Each situation is tailored for the client’s needs.

When searching for the right property management firm in Alpharetta Georgia it is important to know your goals. We all know that not every property management company are created equal as a matter of fact the range in the quality of service can fluctuate a lot. RentVestPM.Com didn’t become the preferred property management company in Tucson Arizona in one day it has taken many years but today we can offer you a system that has been tested and perfected. However, I’am sure you will have questions about our in our services. If you do that best thing to do is to visit at our Alpharetta Georgia property management blog for everything there is to know about property management in Alpharetta Georgia.

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Investment Property Management: How the Rise of AI Technology Affects the Quality of Customer Experience

property management services

In competitive rental property markets, property managers and landlords know that consistently providing an excellent customer experience is critical to distinguishing your brand from competitors and attracting and retaining quality tenants. That’s investment property management working at its best.

Expectations are high. According to Microsoft’s 2018 State of Global Customer Service survey, 59 percent of consumers have greater expectations regarding customer service quality than they did in 2017. The good news is, artificial intelligence (AI) can help property managers fulfill tenant’s expectations seamlessly and without missing a beat.

According to a report from global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., by 2030, 70 percent of businesses will have adopted at least one form of AI technology. All industries will be impacted by AI technology, including real estate, where it is already transforming efficiency and productivity.

If the prospect of adapting to AI concerns you, you can relax. Most likely you’ve already engaged it. If you’ve asked Alexa to remind you of an appointment or interacted with your power company’s virtual agent online regarding a payment inquiry, you’ve already employed it.

AI technology is ubiquitous. And although some people conjure images of robots taking our jobs away, AI actually provides valuable, intuitive, real-time assistance by automatically taking care of menial tasks that free up humans to focus on more important responsibilities.

Below are three ways that AI technology can provide fast, personalized, and data-driven services that help project managers and landlords improve the customer experience.

Speeds Up Lead Response Time

According to a 2018 Zillow report, prospective tenants who leave an inquiry regarding a rental listing expect to hear back from the landlord or property manager within 24 hours. The sooner you get back to the prospect, the better your chances of securing a signed lease and reducing your vacancy rate.

Zillow research reports that property managers or landlords who respond to a lead within one to two minutes of receiving it are 40 percent more likely to engage with potential tenants. Wait even 30 minutes to respond, the likelihood of engagement plunges to 10 percent.

AI ensures that every lead receives a response within minutes, regardless of the time of day or night the inquiry is received.  By using conversational AI like AppFolio’s AI Leasing Assistant Lisa, a prospective tenant can locate your listing, call or text their number, and almost instantly receive a response with answers to their questions.

Lisa is formatted to ask questions that qualify a lead, cross-sell other vacancies you have available to find the best fit, then assist with booking a viewing. On the day of the scheduled viewing, Lisa will text the prospective tenant to confirm the appointment or reschedule if necessary. Lisa can even follow up after the viewing with application information.

Lisa is just one of many examples of AI technology’s problem-solving functions, such as ensuring a swift response to lead inquiries.

Personalized Service for Better Investment Property Management

A recent study from multinational services company Accenture found that 58 percent of consumers would switch providers if they discover one more adept at personalizing experiences. Additionally, a recent Salesforce study revealed that 84 percent of customers rated personal attention rather than impersonal treatment as very important to winning their business.

AI can provide the high personalization expectations of your customers in many ways. AI technology is fully equipped to personalize interactions with your customers by accessing all the customer’s available data points. AI can also tailor the service and information it provides to the customer.

AI is equipped to perform complex tasks, access customer data, and make decisions to ensure highly personalized customer service. It is poised to make investment property management so much easier for you.

AI Consistently Ensures Excellent Customer Experiences

AI empowers property managers and landlords to provide the same excellent customer experience to every tenant and potential tenant, every time. Your human property management team can’t guarantee this level of excellence because humans, no matter how capable, are not programmed to precisely manage explosive volume or provide a top-notch customer experience to everyone at once. In addition, human team members can’t work 24/7. AI doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or spend time with family.  AI’s job is to reply quickly to lead inquiries outside of your human team’s normal business hours.

There you have three ways in which AI can empower your investment property management team to meet and even exceed customer expectations. And since recently published research by Salesforce found that 72 percent of customers will share a good experience, providing an excellent customer experience will earn your business the benefits of word-of-mouth recommendations, more referrals, and glowing testimonials.

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