Flat Rate Property Management

Landlords are usually faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to hire a property management company to help them out. Some landlords think that they’re better off managing their own properties and that’s really okay. But problems occur if there are multiple rental properties to manage. If that’s the case, it makes more sense to hire a home rental agency to make things easier for you.

Hiring property managers is a huge boost to your rental business although most people think that their services come at a hefty price. But while some companies may actually charge you very expensive fees or even hidden fees, RentVest is different from the rest. There are two ways real estate management companies charge, such as flat rate and percentage fee. Either way, RentVest beats most of our competitors when it comes to cost efficiency. And we beat all competitors when it comes to the value per dollar.

Affordable Property Management Costs

RentVest charges one of the lowest setup fees in the market. Others may charge you an arm and a leg or take part of your renter’s deposit instead of a setup fee, but we save you hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. We also don’t take a certain percent of the monthly rent as management fee and we are priced lower that most flat-rate rental property management companies with all things considered.

We don’t charge for your marketing listing either or take the full month’s rent for tenant placement. While we do charge a flat fee for lease renewal, our services include eviction coordination and maintenance inspections, which are services that not all property management companies provide. Compare our services to others and you’ll see how much you’ll save when you decide to hire us. What’s more, you’re allowed to cancel any time.

We Offer Proven Results

After several years in the business, we have served thousands of property owners in our 12 locations nationwide. Our company was originally founded in Phoenix, AZ but we have long expanded our reach since then. We are now serving key cities across the US such as Tucson, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, Vancouver, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Reno, Seattle, and Honolulu.

With more than 600 years of combined experience, our team of well-trained and very professional property managers is able to serve almost 30,000 tenants to date. We continue to provide the best results to our clients, and we have numbers to prove that. We have one of the highest lease renewal rates across the country, which is at 68%. Our team is also proud of the occupancy rate of our tenants, with most of them staying with us for almost 4 years on the average.

Discover what it means to trust a property management company here at RentVest and you’ll get property management services with proven results. Set up a consultation with one of our managers and let’s show you how we can work for you.  We are one of the best rental property management companies that serve landlords and tenants to the fullest.