RentVest Property Management Locations

At RentVest we believe in hands-on property management. After all, if we are going to provide the best investment property management service having local offices in every market we serve is imperative. At the moment we are serving twelve highly desirable markets that include Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Hawaii, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Reno, San Antonio, Tampa, Tucson, and Vancouver. WA. Our expansion plan has us at about twenty markets by 2020. We have already seen a high level of interest from our existing client base for markets such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, New York, and others. Our expansion is driven by two things. The first one is the ability for the local market to support our business. The second one is the number of properties owners looking for our service the day we open our doors. If you have an investment property in the market we don’t serve and would like to talk about our expansion forecast we urge you to contact our corporate office toll-free at (844) 390-RENT. Who knows? That market you are in may be our next expansion target!

Location of Local Property Management Offices

Las Vegas
San Antonio

RentVest Property Management Company

If your real estate investor will probably aware that property management companies are many. What makes RentVest different is that we were founded on the principle of great customer success is the foundation of a great company. It has taken us years to build a customer-centric property management company that currently operates across six states with offices in 12 local markets. Not a day goes by when we wonder why everything new client comes to us on happy with the services provided by our competitors didn’t come to us first. After all, RentVest has the best rates, we offer exceptional customer service, and we have the best guarantee in the industry. As we focus on providing the best customer success and experience in the business, we look forward to becoming your property management company of choice!

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