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Quite a few property owners agree that RentVestPM.Com is the ideal company to call for those seeking Property Management Companies in Englewood, Colorado. Althoug nowadays there are many Property Management Company in Houston, Texas. At the end of the day is all about dependability and effectiveness. When you become a RentVest you’ll have access to a process with a proven track record of success. Our commitment is to make owning rental real estate properties simple and profitable.Beginning with a simple fixed rate cost and continuing with local office in more than 12 markets. If you’re a property owners looking for a trusted property management agency in The Meadows Florida, RentVestPM.Com is the idea choice for you! Give us a call today!

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Joe Barker
Joe Barker

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

When you help someone find a great rental it is then time for them to go through the application process, which can be daunting. They called-in got to speak to the staff at MYND to be sure they were completing it properly and then to follow-up and provide any further documentation. It is nice to see good software that works well with their mobile devices and the staff support to handle any questions. I will be most excited to see them move in, but in the meantime hearing them rave about how friendly and supportive the MYND team has been through the process helps assure me they are in good hands.

Mary Beth FitzPatrick
Mary Beth FitzPatrick

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

We have had very few issues while we have lived in our rental, but every issue has been resolved quickly and completely. Dondi has been especially helpful.

Andrea Harris
Andrea Harris

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

We moved in April 2020, and so far- we have had ZERO issues! I've put in about 4 or 5 maintenance requests, and each one was handled immediately and satisfactorily. The people who answer the phone, as well as any requests on the portal, are always respectful and knowledgeable; if they don't know- they find someone who does. I'm very impressed so far!

3 Methods for Getting a Professional Property Manager in The Meadows Florida

Looking for a proficient property manager? A property manager would help manage your rental properties for you to be able to center on other productive activities. However, discovering the right property manager is hard.  If you select the wrong company when employing a professional property manager, you may miss out on some of your tenants.

The ideal property managers are set, willing capable to act for your benefit. And there is no need to oversee these managers. The best property manager ensures your monthly cash-flow. But, the incorrect property manager might drive one to bankruptcy. Here are the most useful strategies for working with a professional property manager.

  1. Get Referrals – Asking for referrals from other property owners you trust will be the fastest way of finding the right property manager. Talk with other homeowners and real estate brokers in the area. They could recommend the very best property managers they hired in the past. If they have been happy with their property manager, you might be able to hire that manager.
  2. Interview Several Property Managers – You should not hire the very first property manager you see. After you speak with these managers, you will discover there are many managers won’t be attentive and they will not let you finish your points. They never permit you to finish your sentences. If you want to avoid trouble, do not hire them. A good property manager listens to what their client has to say. Plus they ensure the property owners are content.
  3. Look At their Current Properties – Proficient property managers may have already been managing properties for several years. Still don’t rely on their own words. Ask them to show you the homes they manage. Ensure their properties are quiet, clean, and well maintained. Talk with their tenants. If their tenants are content, it is possible to hire that property manager.

These are the best tips for hiring a professional property manager. Hire a property manager who has many years of experience and manages the best properties in your area. RentVest PM success as taking many other property management companies in The Meadows Florida off guard. The reality is that The Meadows Florida property owners had been searching for a reliable property management company in The Meadows Florida for a while but it looks like that they were not paying attention. RentVestPM.Com is the company of chores for many property owners throughout The Meadows Florida and we would like the opportunity to show you how we can save you money on your rental property management. If you would like additional information on the services we offer at RentVest Property Management please stopped by our property management Colorado blog.

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Pet-Damage Insurance Policies Offer Property Managers a New Option for Attracting Prospective Tenants

property management system

Deciding to allow tenants with pets into your rental property is a conundrum most property managers and landlords have grappled with. On the one hand, allowing tenants with pets opens your pool of tenant candidates up significantly. On the other hand, pets can damage your investment property to the tune of costly repairs. Until now, the only option has been to charge a substantial, up-front pet deposit that can be out-of-reach for many renters

Deciding to make your rental property pet-friendly may have just gotten a whole lot easier, thanks to Jetty, a financial services company that now offers pet deposit protection and pet damage insurance policies to help property managers cover pet-related damages and allow tenants with a furry companion to lease a rental without paying an excessive up-front pet deposit.

Pet Damage Protection For Property Managers And Tenants

Jetty Pet can be used alone or combined with Jetty deposit to replace the traditional up-front pet deposit. The coverage offers properties increased protection against pet-related damages and helps streamline the leasing process while keeping move-in costs at a minimum for the renter.

Jetty CEO Mike Rudoy said in a press release announcing the company’s new insurance product, “We always have an ear to the ground on the fundamental problems our partners face, and how we can solve even more of them. Jetty Pet is just another way we give partners the protection they need, while keeping costs low for the many pet-loving renters nationwide.”

According to a nationwide survey of U.S. renters, more than 70 percent of pet owners have decided against applying for a rental home or apartment because the costs to have a pet were too high. The high up-front costs can have a negative impact on the number of qualified applicants at pet-friendly buildings that require a hefty pet deposit. However, without the added protection a pet deposit provides, properties risk exposure to pet-related damages and unforeseen expenses, which can add up to substantially more than a pet fee might cover.

Jetty Pet provides pet damage insurance protection rental properties while making it more affordable for pet owners to move into a new apartment.

How It Works

Renters pay a one-time fee to Jetty, which replaces a traditional pet deposit. A fee of $200, for instance, covers a potential $1,000 in damage. A traditional $200 pet deposit covers only $200 of potential damage (which is why most pet deposits are higher).

Property managers can benefit from marketing a lower move-in cost for pet owners and fill more vacancies faster with the added protection of an admitted, non-pooled insurance product and generating ancillary revenue for the property owner’s portfolio.

More Protection Against Pet-deposit Damages

Pets are capable of causing far more damage than a traditional pet deposit might cover. Property managers can get more coverage without raising move-in costs.

Lower Move-in Costs Provides A Competitive Edge

In addition to eliminating high, up-front pet security deposits through Jetty Deposit, Jetty renters have better access to vacancies due to reduced move-in costs for qualified renters and rental properties gain a competitive edge.

Simplified Overhead 

Rental properties also benefit from a streamlined operation process. By adding Jetty Pet damage insurance to Jetty Deposit, both are replaced by one fee. Property managers don’t have to worry about managing checks, and there is less confusion for residents.

Jetty works with property managers across the U.S. to increase lease-conversion rats and streamline operations, hereby increasing net operating income.

Jetty’s pet insurance products are written on A-rated paper, and are admitted in 49 U.S. states and D.C, which means they have been approved by those states’ insurance departments, providing additional consumer protections.

Jetty may have the solution for making rental properties more available to pet owners.

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