Exterior lighting is critical to ensuring your rental property makes a good impression on tenants and potential renters. Property managers and landlords can instantly improve the safety and rentability of a property by illuminating key exterior areas including entryways, walkways, common areas, and parking areas with appropriate lighting to achieve desired results. It also makes investment property management a breeze.

Security is one of the most important qualities of a rental property to tenants. Outdoor lighting in key areas increases tenants’ sense of safety and well-being and enhances curb appeal. Lighting can make a dramatic impact on the appearance, atmosphere, and functionality of a community’s outdoor space without costing a fortune.

Make the most of your property’s outdoor spaces by strategically incorporating the following lighting tips in your rental community. Lighting can do so much in improving the look of your property and ensuring your tenants that you’re doing investment property management right.

Motion Sensor Lighting: 

Motion sensor lights are good for outdoor areas that get intermittent use such as garages, parking areas, and back porches. Motion sensor lighting helps tenants avoid the need to switch lights on and off manually, especially useful when they’re carting an armload of groceries, plus they save on energy costs. Motion sensor lights are also a great security feature as they pick up movement close to the property. 

Walkway and Stairwell Lighting: 

Walkway lighting helps people navigate the property after dark. nights. Post lights or wall lighting fixtures work well for illuminating areas frequently-used to enter or leave the property. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, the right post lighting or wall lighting can incorporate a touch of style and sophistication to the community.

Outdoor String or “Fairy” Lights

A string or two of LED outdoor string lights add a festive atmosphere when hung between posts or dangled in trees. Tenants will enjoy spending evenings outside under the twinkle of low-light fairy lights. Less about functionality and more about creating atmosphere, fairy lights make a simple and cost-effective addition to any outdoor space that makes a big impact.

Wall Sconces At Entries 

Wall sconces installed along the property provide a downward light that is adequately positioned to help you find your keys to enter the property without being blinded by the light. While also providing a welcoming & safe environment for tenants and their guests while entering and leaving the property. They remain a popular style of outdoor lighting, with impressive styles to choose from.

Hanging Barn Lights for Outdoor Dining Areas

Hanging barn lights are a popular trend for outdoor dining area lighting. Barn lighting is particularly functional for lighting outdoor dining areas as they provide the ideal atmosphere for entertaining guests on the patio or by the pool. Barn lights equipped with LED bulbs emit soft light for sufficient illumination while creating a comfortable, after-dark environment. To estimate the number of barn lights to install, establish the size and shape of the outdoor area you want to illuminate to determine the number of fixtures to install.  Since they typically hang lower than other lighting fixtures the intensity of the light is reduced. Larger spaces will require more barn lights for adequate illumination.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is more about style and less about functionality. It draws attention to those property features that you want to highlight after dark. Landscape lighting delivers an impressive visual effect without a large expenditure.

LED Lighting

LED bulbs for outdoor lighting are highly energy efficient. LED bulbs are available in every wattage option and light colors, do not need to “warm-up” in cold weather. Upgrading to LED bulbs instead of “integrated” LED fixtures is recommended since integrated LED fixtures are more expensive to repair or replace if they should fail for any reason.

General Tips for Improving Outdoor Spaces for Better Investment Property Management

Inspect all the outdoor areas on your property at night to determine where lighting should be incorporated. During the day, examine all your outdoor areas and make note of problem areas that need refreshing. Some common areas to focus on include stains on concrete, green moss, and mold to be removed. Quality outdoor furniture that appears aged and worn due to long exposure to the elements should be salvaged or replaced. Wherever possible, incorporate a flower bed, plant trees or install a water feature such as a fountain or manufactured waterfall if space allows. Such small, inexpensive changes can significantly add the kind of appeal good tenants are looking for and increase your property’s value.

By following these tips, you can enjoy fewer vacancies, shorter listing periods, and the pick of ideal tenants renting units on your property. Lighting creates a sense of security and can add an atmosphere of elegance to any property without a huge investment. It’s the easiest way to improve your investment property management rating among your tenants.