What Real Estate Property Management Companies Need to Know About Upzoning

Real estate property management companies and landlords face an ever-growing number of complicated regulations to grasp and navigate in 2020 and beyond. Expect a continuation of housing regulatory trends that have already impacted the property management industry. Many regulations focus on establishing more housing to keep up with a steadily increasing demand; others seek to create a buffer for tenants in increasingly expensive rental markets, while still others help rental property owners protect their [...]

Tip from Real Estate Property Management Companies: Before Signing a Lease, Read the Fine Print

Finding a new apartment is exciting. You can’t wait to move in and make it your home. But don’t rush to sign the lease agreement before you review it thoroughly. That’s the first thing all real estate property management companies should tell you. Once your search for a place in the right location, with the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms and all the amenities you’d hoped for is within reach, you know you’ve [...]

Common Mistakes Real Estate Property Management Companies Make when Leasing Rental Properties

If you’re in the business of land lording, you’d probably agree that the role comes with its share of challenges. OK, more than its share. And one challenge landlords and real estate property management companies can do without is getting qualified tenants in and keeping them around. Ensuring you have paying tenants and the associated rental income stream on a consistent basis may sometimes seem like herding cats.  If you find yourself sitting on [...]

Tax-Deductible Expenses Real Estate Property Management Companies and Landlords Should be Tracking

Consistent tracking of income and expense records isn’t the most stimulating task that real estate property management companies and landlords handle, but it is at the top of the list of priorities. In most cases, property owners are entitled to deduct expenses of up to $25,000 each year from their taxable income, which means that keeping accurate records is critical to making sure nothing is left on the table. When calculating the property owner’s [...]

Easy and Charming DIY Ideas for Real Estate Property Management Companies to Transform Apartment Living Rooms

Whether you’re in the mood to tackle a breathe-new-life-into-your-apartment project or you simply can’t live with your drab living room one more day, here’s a DIY initiative that’s fun, creative, and easy for real estate property management companies.  It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it out of necessity to gussy up a soul-crushingly dull room or to simply to unleash some creative energy, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of inspired DIY. Put your [...]

Where to Get Real Estate Property Management Services

A lot of people mistakenly assume that real estate property management services are offered by realtors. If you think the same way, then you’re gravely mistaken. Real estate agents and property managers are two different professionals. They may work in the same industry, but their responsibilities are not the same. You’ll need a real estate agent if you’re looking to acquire or dispose of a property. But if you’re thinking of renting out your [...]

Why People Hire Real Estate Property Management Companies

You might be thinking that you can manage your property yourself and don’t need a real estate property management company. That might very well be true, but if you’re only getting started, you might face some difficulties. Additionally, other people who have fulltime jobs or aren’t interested in managing their properties themselves would have a lot more to gain from real estate property management. There are many reasons people rely on property management services. [...]

The Duties of a Real Estate Property Management Expert

Real estate property management calls for several major responsibilities. Every property manager is responsible for the marketing, financial, tenant relations, occupancy rate, facility maintenance, administration, and risk management details of the rental property. Property managers act as the partners of the rental property owner and their responsibility is to maximize the property’s ROI, which is achieved through efficient performance. Property managers are expected to protect the owner’s investments, which is why they should always [...]

What Is Real Estate Property Management?

Real estate property management is one of the most promising types of business these days. If you’re a new property owner and don’t entirely know what it means, this guide should be helpful. It might also help you decide whether or not to hire real estate property management services. Property management is, as the name implies, overseeing everything related to a property owned by someone else. The owner of a property would hire a management [...]

Tips when Hiring a Real Estate Property Management Expert

If you’re overwhelmed with handling the day-to-day processes of your rental business, then it’s time that you hire a property manager and let him or her take over. Don’t be afraid to delegate some of or all the jobs that you used to do to these professionals. After all, they’re the experts in real estate property management. They should know exactly how things should be done. But how should you hire property managers? [...]