Top 6 Upgrades Tenants Seek in a Rental Home or from a Property Management Service

Finding great tenants can be very easy if you have most of these top 6 upgrades. When tenants look for the perfect rental home they seek these things most. That’s why companies that offer a property management service pay close attention. Why not showcase and highlight these within your rental investment? Spend your upgrade money wisely on things tenants seek most.  The Dishwasher & Garbage Disposal: These can be a must for average [...]

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The Property Management 5 Step Checklist

The property management professional is the ultimate factor of whether you make it or break it in the field of buy and hold real estate. It’s a pretty simple process and once the deal is bought and we have projected the expenses for said properties, the last thing is to ensure that you have a reliable and dependable property manager to maintain and keep an eye on them. However, the next time you [...]

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Marketing Strategies: Tips for Property Managers to Increase Rent Rolls

Property managers juggle many responsibilities, not the least of which is continually finding ways to grow the rent roll and increase monthly income. The best tactics for growing your rent roll involve marketing, brand-building, and building strong relationships with potential and existing customers.  Here are some effective marketing and networking tips you can choose from and apply according to your budget, available time, and whether you work independently or with a real estate team.  Check [...]

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Renter-friendly, Damage-free Decor and Storage options that Property Managers and Property Management Companies Will Love

When it comes to rental space, tenants usually want to personalize their space and make it more functional for their needs. Property managers want to protect landlords’ investments and discourage DIY customizations that can mar walls and other elements of a property. This is the tricky part for many property management companies, however, it doesn’t always have to be like that. Suggesting renter--friendly options for tenants to make their spaces more personal is [...]

Property Managers Can Get More Clients by Understanding Prospective Clients

One of the main goals among property managers is growing the business by signing new property owner clients and increasing the number of units they manage. The key to growing your business, as marketers and entrepreneurs everywhere will tell you, is understanding your prospective clients so you can meet their needs. Understanding your target market and creating buyer personas will help you establish more effective and more cost-effect marketing that: Communicates a stronger message [...]

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Property Management: When to Hire an Expert?

Hiring a property manager involves additional cost, so many real estate owners tend to skip it and manage their homes or apartments on their own. However, hiring a property management specialist still proves to be the wiser choice for many. You Have Several Properties to Manage If you are a seasoned real estate investor, you might have a long list of properties and managing all of them can be time-consuming. Getting some help [...]

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Reasons Homeowners Hire Our Property Management Team

If you want to put your home up for lease, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is whether to hire a property management expert. Relying on a property management company doesn’t come cheap but for most homeowners, it’s worth it. At RentVest, we made the full property management package even more affordable and we pride ourselves on being the choice of numerous homeowners in several states. Below are the top reasons homeowners [...]

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Reasons You Should Not Be on Any Property Management Websites

Investors have different reasons for hiring a property manager. If you are still undecided, let’s help you find out. Instead of telling you why you need a property manager, let us give you some reasons why you don’t actually need to be looking at any property management websites. You Live Near Your Rental Property Investment property management is a time-consuming endeavor, so it’s ideal for you to live in the same city where [...]

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Property Management Tips: How to Makeover Property Management Rentals

In this article you will read about 5 budget conscious ways to makeover your property manage rentals and get them rented. Time is money. For every day your rental property sits on the market, you are losing potential property management rental income. Whether your property has been on the market for months or for minutes, there are steps you can take to make your property more appealing to potential tenants. Here are five tips on how to [...]

Paying for Property Management Services vs. Self-Managing Your Rental Property

Experienced investors who gave rental property management a try would tell you that it’s a full-time job. Paying for property management services is better than self-managing your rental property if you are not ready for a day job or already have one. If you have your hands full, hiring a property manager to take care of tenant screening, showing, lease agreement and renewal, rent collection, and eviction is the best route to take. [...]

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