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Are you a investment property owner in or near Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia? Ask yourself, are you paying to much to manage your property?

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Welcome to RentVest’s all new website if you have been looking for a affordable investment property management agency in Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia you have found the right website. Lately the number of property management companies in Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia has bloom

What do property managers in Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia do? Do you know what Property Managers do? The simple truth is they perform several functions, with the main one being rent collection. Collecting rent could be a demanding job for most propery owners. The better property they have got to look after, the greater the challenge it is to remain on top of rent collection, but property managers look after the entire rent collecting process.

They also handle upkeep issues. As an example, they are able to send a repair person to take care of regular upkeep or give maintenance services if they are required. All you need to do is approve of payments or pre-approve payments ahead of time, doing this the property manager will not need to reach out to you when ever repairs is required.

Locating prospective tenants who will pay their rent on time is yet another thing property managers do. They may do credit report checks, carry out interviews and execute a thorough security check. They are fully aware of things to look for with regards to choosing tenants.

Accounting is generally included with the support given by property managers. They can keep correct files, which prove useful when it is tax time. Bookkeeping is not a fun task, but it must be done and it needs to be done properly, which is one of the reasons property owners propably hire property managers.

Employing a Property Management Company in Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia!

Getting a property management firm costs money, however it can save you lots of time. When you have properties which you own and rent to clients, whether they are professional or private, then there are many things to manage. If it is only a couple of units, maybe you can stay on top of all of it, but when you get more than two, things could get complicated rather quickly, and property management could be a permanent job, which can be that thing you were looking to prevent or have.

A rental property manager is the go between for both you and your renters, handling calls with tenants, repair requests, yard work, and in many cases locating and putting out tenants as need be. In exchange, the house management company receives a percentage of the rent for their services, before filtering the rest to you.

So, your profit margin drops, but your schedule is freed up. Additionally, worthy property management companies are well worth the money considering how they may remove horrid renters that cost money, make your properties in excellent condition, and look for reliable renters that lower your vacancy rates and provide reliable and steady rental income.

RentVestPM.Com domination more than 12 markets as taking many other property management companies in Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia by surprise. The truth is that Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia real estate investors had been searching for a flat fee property management firm in Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia for some time now but he appears that they were not paying attention. RentVestPM.Com is the firm of chores for many real estate investment property owners throughout Channing Valley Atlanta Georgia and we would like the opportunity to show you how we can improve the ROI of your real estate investment property. Those looking for additional info about RentVestPM.Com we encourage you to visit our blog…

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Is it Time to Update Your Property Management Rental Agreement?

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We’re already into peak rent season, which is May through August, when more people are looking for a new rental home than any other time of the year. It’s during the busy summer months that, as a property manager, you need to know that your property management rental agreement is working for you. If you haven’t revised your agreement in a year or more, now is the time for an update.

Make Property Management Rental Agreement Adjustments Based on Experience

Take a step back and consider whether or not your property management rental agreement language is working for you as well as your tenants. For instance, your existing agreement may permit tenants to have pets, but if you’ve found that dog owners aren’t cleaning up after their dogs when they do their business in common areas, they’re creating maintenance issues and irritating other tenants. This may call for an update to your property management rental agreement.

Or maybe you’ve been getting complaints about noise coming from one or more units. Are your noise restrictions too lenient? Now is the time to change them.

The most current version of your property management rental agreement needs to address nuisance issues like these in addition to more brazen activities such as moving friends into their unit without authorization or conducting criminal activity on the premises. It’s critical to remember that if a property manager or landlord become embroiled in a dispute with a tenant, a lease agreement containing outdated language may cause them legal issues rather than protect them.

Clarify the Rules:

A lease is a legally-binding contract that specifies the legal obligations between the landlord and the resident for a specific period of time; typically one year. It prevents the landlord from raising the rent or modifying any terms of the lease before it expires unless terms are included in the lease allowing changes to be made.  Since this agreement is a legally binding synopsis of the rules by which your tenants must abide, it needs to present a clear and solid foundation for communicating its terms in clear language that they can understand.

Your lease agreement should clarify the following issues:

  • Restrictions on the number or type of pets, and the tenant’s responsibility for cleaning up after them
  • Restrictions on the use of the property, such as smoking or alcohol use
  • Rules regarding noise levels
  • Rules regarding interactions with neighbors
  • Guidelines for street or assigned parking
  • The tenant’s insurance obligations
  • The tenant’s obligations regarding care of their unit and garbage removal
  • Rules specifying what modifications can be made to their units, such as painting walls or hanging art

Advise each tenant that failure to abide by the property management rental agreement rules will constitute a material breach of the agreement and may be cause for eviction. Stating the rules up front delineates the tenant’s and the property manager/landlord’s responsibilities, and clarifies under what circumstances either party has legal recourse.

If you intend to make improvements or modifications to the property during the lease period, stipulate a planned rent increase in the original agreement. In general, a landlord cannot increase the rent before the lease expires. Some leases do allow a landlord to raise the rent for certain reasons that should be specified in your lease agreement, such as adding a roommate or acquiring a pet.

Setting the rules and guidelines of a lease agreement also requires establishing clear expectations regarding rent, rent increases, security deposits, and tenant responsibility for property damage.

It’s a busy time for property managers. Make sure your property management rental and lease agreement is up-to-date and that your tenants are fully informed of its terms by move-in day.

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