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Are you a real estate property owner in or near Buford Georgia? Ask yourself, do you know what your existing property management company is going to charge you next month?

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If you are looking for a dependable real estate property management firm in Buford Georgia RentVest welcome you! Lately the number of property management companies in Buford Georgia has bloom

What do property managers in Buford Georgia do? Are you aware what Property Managers do? The simple truth is they do many different things, with the main one being collecting rent. rent collection might be a strenuous job for most propery owners. The better tenants they have, the more of a challenge it is to remain on top of collecting rent, however property managers take care of the whole rent collecting process.

Additionally, they handle upkeep issues. By way of example, they could send a maintenance guy to do standard repairs or provide repairs services when they are asked for. All you have to do is approve of payments or pre-approve payments ahead of time, that way the property manager won’t need to contact you every single time repairs is required.

Finding prospective renters that will pay their rent on time is another thing property managers take care of. They are able to run credit checks, take interviews and perform a complete background check. They are fully aware of what to consider in terms of choosing renters.

Bookkeeping is generally included in the help supplied by property managers. They can maintain correct records, which can be useful when taxes are concerned. Bookkeeping is not really a fun task, but it has to be done and it needs to be done correctly, which is one of the reasons landlords propably use property managers.

Getting a Property Management Company in Buford Georgia!

Employing a property management person will set you back money, nevertheless it can help you save time and effort. In case you have properties which you own and rent to clients, be they professional or private, then you have many things to take care of. If it’s only a couple of units, maybe you might remain abreast of all of it, however when you own more than a couple, things get complicated very fast, and property management would turn into a permanent job, which is that thing you had been trying to evade or currently have.

A property management company is the go between for you and the renters, managing talks with renters, maintenance requests, yard work, and even locating and turning away tenants as needed. In exchange, the house management company collects a share of the rent for themselves, before giving the rest to the owner account.

So, your profit margin goes down, however, your schedule is freed up. Also, the best property management firms are definitely worth the money considering how they may get rid of horrid renters that amount to money, keep the properties in great condition, and find stable renters that lower your vacancy rates and provide you steady and reliable rental income.

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Property Management Companies Are Using Smart Technology for Attracting New Tenants

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Progressive property management companies are continuously looking for opportunities to attract new tenants. In competitive rental markets, knowing what amenities renters want is often the best way to most is one way to accomplish this task and snatch potential leads away from competitors.

Recent research finds that technology is an important influencer when it comes to renters’ choices, and in fact, renters expect it. Technology presents property managers with an excellent opportunity to distinguish their properties from all the others in ways that draw potential enters in and helps keep them for longer tenancy stretches.

So What Technology Do Savvy Property Management Companies Use?

So how do property management companies leverage the latest technologic innovations to ensure a steady flow of potential tenants to their properties? Buildium’s 2017 American Renter’s Report discloses the reasons 1,116 apartment seekers chose their rentals, and home technologies played a major role in their decision-making.

Beginning with the search process, technology plays a major role in every step of the renter’s experience. According to the report, 50 percent of apartment-seekers interviewed searched online for apartments and applied for tenancy online. This emphasizes the importance of promoting rental listings using optimized, searchable online marketing strategies and incorporating appealing images and engaging marketing copy to grab the attention of potential tenants.

Attracting tenants to your rentals in today’s digital world requires more than cosmetic updates to the property and units. Advanced modifications like smart thermostats and high-tech appliances that offer energy efficiency appeal immensely to renters who are willing to pay higher rates to have them.

Convincing owners to update their investment properties with high-tech amenities may seem like a challenge, once they see research results showing that properties equipped with high-tech, energy-saving features gain an edge over competitors, even if the rental rates are higher.  Plus, it doesn’t take a huge expenditure to offer smart home technology. Adding just two or three smart elements to your rental units—such as smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart Wi-Fi-connected electrical outlets or smart door locks—can be a cost-effective opportunity to market your units as smart-homes and attract more potential tenants.

Smart home features are particularly popular among Millennials, who comprise 68 percent of survey respondents who said they are most likely to rent an apartment that features smart technology. In fact, Millennials represent an ever-increasing percentage of renters and are expected to soon become the most important tenant target market.

Good communication is essential for building positive relationships between tenants and property management companies. Deciding on the best ways to communicate with tenants requires careful consideration for the best results.

Research finds that communication channels involving technology are most popular among tenants, most of whom prefer email communications (53 percent) or text messaging (also 53 percent) for sending and receiving important information, as opposed to calling, visiting, leaving a note, or mailing a letter.

Tenants also want the ability to submit and track maintenance requests electronically. Most property management software is designed to accommodate maintenance requests submitted through a resident portal.

Using Technology to Pay Rent and Fees:

Most tenants don’t enjoy paying rent, but the process is more convenient when they have the ability to pay online. While only 29 percent of tenants have an online rent payment option, 59 percent report that they want this technology, and 53 percent would use a mobile app to pay rent if it were available.

Which Technologies Will Renters Pay more for?

What are some ways property management can use technology to attract new tenants, increase revenues for property owners, and even sustain higher rental rates?

According to Buildium’s 2017 American Renters Report:

  • 49 percent of renters would pay more for central air
  • 44 percent of renters would pay more for high-speed internet
  • 30 percent of renters consider energy efficiency to be an important reason to choose a rental
  • 15 percent of renters would pay higher rent for an eco-friendly building

Property managers can implement smart technology devices that help tenants track their energy usage and automate their apartment units, which are the most likely types of rental properties to attract tenants by offering smart technology.

Gartner Technology research predicts that smart devices for home automation will be standard in most homes in just five years. Smart tech implementation rates are increasing exponentially. The sooner property management companies start integrating smart technology in rental units, the sooner the property’s prospective tenant leads will outpace the competition, reduce vacancies, and increase tenant retention rates.

Property Management Companies Buford Georgia

Property Management Companies Buford Georgia As of late the number of real estate rental property owners looking for an affordable property management company in Buford Georgia has become a trending subject on the Internet.. At the time of choosing a firm for managing rental real estate property there're quite a few things to consider. While buying real estate property is often very advantageous, purchases of the type can be hard to deal [...]