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Are you a real estate investor in Uptown Houston Texas searching for an affordable rental property management companies give RentVest a chance to show you why we are the best.

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Many owners know that when you are looking for Property Managers in Marietta, GA or Property Management Company Beaverton, Oregon. RentVest Property Management is who you need to reach out to but did you know that we are also the top choice for everyone in need a dependable rental property managers in Uptown Houston Texas. As part of the MYND group RentVest is more equipped to manage the day to day requirements of the more than thirty thousand tenants we service, while improving the return on investment of the more than three thousand owners we serve . Give us five minutes and we‘ll show you investment property by yourself!

Expert Investment Property Manager Clear Responsibilities

Property manager is the supervision of investment properties. The rental manager or property management company essentially acts and makes decisions on behalf of an investment property owner as a way to maximize ROI and to reduce risk for the property itself. Below, we are going to be discussing a number of the reasons you need to consider employing a professional investment property manager.

  1. Time: A number of people that invest heavily into rental properties simply do not have the time that is required to regularly up-keep them and to keep them running well. A manager can minimize the time that is required for running property investments. Not only can they see about the day to day activities related to owning your property, but they make decisions on behalf of the investor.
  1. Legal Knowledge: People who spend money on properties that participate in various legal programs will need to have specific legal familiarity with the issues so that you can porperly comply. A rental management company will probably know the specific guidelines and they can get the legal knowledge expected to ensure full compliance.
  1. Background Record Checks: It is essential to thoroughly examine potential tenants. A property management company will have the time, skill, and resources necessary to carefully inspect all the potential tenants to lower risk and maximize returns from the property.
  1. Location: A lot of investors will acquire investment properties in several locales. Because they are not able to bodily be near their property constantly, they will need to get out a smart investment manager to be able to look after the numerous jobs that are needed to control the property as well as its tenants.

An investment property manager can be a substantial advantage to someone that is looking to invest a property. Investing in property is not merely very time intensive, but it may be particularly risky when you are unfamiliar with the legalities associated with owning and leasing property and when you are struggling to spend the needed time managing the property and doing landlord duties. One call with us an you‘ll understand why RentVest is your best option for investor seeking a dependable rental property manager in Uptown Houston Texas! If you would like more information about the services offered by RentVestPM.Con please vist at our blog. There you‘ll find post on Property Management Jobs and other topics of interest to investment real estate property owners in Uptown Houston Texas!

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Can Real Estate Management Companies Prohibit E-Cigarette Vaping?

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Many rental owners do not allow smoking inside their rental houses. However, the question is, “Could a real estate management company prohibit e-cigarette vaping?” Experts say that it is a good idea for an owner to allow vaping in his rental property in order to attract more tenants. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about fifteen percent of adult individuals under forty years of age vape e-cigarettes.

In this article, we are going to tell you whether or not you should allow vaping with e-cigarettes. First, you need to know that like any regular cigarettes or cigars, e-cigarettes also leave behind residual substances, which can build up on the floors and walls of your house.

Let’s say you allow vaping indoors. You must consider extra cleanup work, which must be done when your vaping tenant moves out. Many states in the United States allow vaping with e-cigarettes in public areas. At the same time, there are some states that prohibit its use in public places. Despite what your state’s law is, being a rental owner, follow the advice of your real estate management company to restrict the use of e-cigarettes inside your units.

Anyway, we want to tell you the difference between cigarettes and e-cigarettes. The primary difference between them is the residue left behind. The smoke of a cigarette residue stinks and builds up faster. Likewise, it is visibly noticeable because of the nicotine that discolors some surfaces.

On the other hand, vaping usually does not cause any nicotine stains. But still, it will create some messy buildup. The reason is that it contains vegetable glycerin, which is a substance that leaves behind oil residues. So much so, oils attract small particles and dust. If you let your homes get exposed to frequent e-cigarette vaping, it will end up greasy and with a lot of dirt buildup.

The Cleanup that Real Estate Management Companies Do

Cleaning up after a smoker usually involves steam-cleaning curtains and carpets, repainting the walls, and washing non-porous surfaces in an appropriate or effective way. It is difficult to remove odors because of the amount of smoking done indoors. Similarly, cleaning up vaping residual substances means deep-cleaning fabrics, upholstery, and carpets. We recommend you to wash the non-porous surfaces with vinegar and water.

The next thing you need to do is to paint your interior walls. Remember to wipe them down with vinegar before you start the paint job. Due to the oily vaping residue, you will have difficulty in cleaning all surfaces. On the contrary, it is easy to clean all surfaces in your nonsmoker’s unit.

Furthermore, the fire hazard from vaping is not the same as a lit cigarette. However, you need to know that it still has risks. According to CDC data, there were about 195 vaping-related explosions or fires in 2017. The CDC report released two years ago stated that most of these distressing incidents happened when e-cigarette devices or spare lithium-ion batteries were left in the pocket of the user.

In conclusion, you may allow your tenant to vape, but it can cause severe consequences. So, keeping in view the above, we suggest you prohibit such activities within your rental unit. If you need more information, consult with a trusted real estate management company to give you the facts.

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