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If you are a real estate investor in or near Memorial Park Atlanta Georgia in search of a top rated investment property manager give RentVest a call!

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The majority of rental property owners know that when you are searching for Property Manager in Scottsdale, Arizona or Property Management Companies Beaverton, Oregon. RentVest Property Management is who you need to call but did you know that we are also your best bet for everyone in need a affordable property management company in Memorial Park Atlanta Georgia. As part of the MYND group we are more prepared to handle the day to day affairs of the more than thirty thousand tenants we serve, while enhancing the ROI of the more than 3,000 real estate investors in our network!

Expert Investment Property Management Distinct Responsibilities

Property management is the overseeing of investment properties. The property manager or property management company essentially acts and makes decisions for the investment home owner as a way to maximize income as well as to lessen risk to the property itself. Below, we will be going through a number of the reasons you might consider employing a professional investment property manager.

  1. Time: A number of people that invest heavily into rental properties simply do not have the time that is needed to consistenly up-keep them and to ensure they are functioning. A manager can reduce the amount of time that is needed for looking after property investments. Not only can they look after the day to day activities connected with owning your property, but they make decisions on behalf of the property owner.
  1. Legal Knowledge: People who purchase properties that get involved in varying legal programs will need to have particular legal expertise in the issues to be able to porperly comply. A property management company is going to be aware of specific rules and they can hold the legal knowledge needed to ensure full compliance.
  1. Background Record Checks: It is important to properly examine potential boarders. A property management company must have the time, experience, and resources essential to thoroughly vet all of the potential tenants to lower risk and maximize returns from the property.
  1. Location: Plenty of investors will buy out investment properties in numerous states. Since they are incapable of actually be close to their investment all the time, they have a tendency to use out a good investment manager as a way to handle the various jobs that are needed to handle the home as well as its tenants.

A great investment property manager might be a significant asset to someone that is thinking of purchasing a property. Purchasing property is not only very time consuming, but it can be particularly risky when you are not really acquainted with the legalities connected with having and leasing property and when you are not able to spend the needed time handling the property and doing landlord duties. One consultation with us an you‘ll understand why we are your best bet for anyone seeking a top rated investment property management company in Memorial Park Atlanta Georgia. If you would like more info about the services offered by RentVestPM.Con please vist at our blog. There you‘ll find post on Property Management Visalia and other topics of interest to real estate property owners in Memorial Park Atlanta Georgia…

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What to Look for in a Professional Property Management Company

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So you`ve finally decided that you are not happy with your current property manager or maybe you thought that managing your own rental property is not the best idea. Now, you wish to leave the work on more capable hands. Relinquishing the control of your property to a professional property management company to manage it on your behalf is not an easy decision, and has its pros and cons.

As human beings, we place a lot of attachment to the things that we own. Real estate properties are especially held with high esteem since it is probably the most valuable thing we will ever own. Thus, the decision to hire a professional property management company and bestow decision making responsibilities on them is not easy and does require some caution. You need to know who you`re getting in bed with to ensure that your business venture is safe and prosperous.

The Attributes of the Professional Property Management Company

When hiring professional property managers, here are some crucial points to consider. The importance of hiring the right people to handle your investments can’t be stressed enough.

  1. Reputation & track record

Before you settle on any firm, do a background search of their previous and current clients. What`s their customer satisfaction rate? What are their previous clients saying about them?

  1. Experience

You need to be careful because there are a lot of newbies out there, and some may not be experienced enough to handle properties of certain magnitudes. Inexperienced usually means desperate and you definitely don’t want anybody with those two attributes in charge of your 7-figure investment.

Be sure to check out if whatever firm you choose is experienced enough to manage your type of rental properties. Are they experienced in commercial rental property management or are they accustomed to residential properties?

How to Hire a Professional Property Management Company

MYND primarily focuses on residential property management. What every owner should look for in a property manager is efficiency, reliability, trustworthiness, and a history of short tenant vacancy time frames. What’s the average length of stay of the tenants that are living on the properties they manage?

Frequent vacancies can tell a great deal about tenant satisfaction. It is also important to note that frequent vacancies will cost you thousands of dollars. The more you’re able to retain tenants, the better it is for you. That is more important than the fee a professional property management company charges.

How satisfied are their current and previous tenants about their style of management? Are their grievances settled on time and in a satisfactory manner? How do they screen potential tenants to ensure that your other tenants are safe from people with criminal tendencies? How effective is their screening procedure in weeding out serial rent defaulters before they become tenants on your property?

With regards to their fees, you need know whether they charge a flat fee or a percentage of the monthly rent for each unit and what other additional fees they charge. What fees are you likely to incur when you terminate your contract with the management company?

Hidden fees are very common when dealing with property management firms. The reason they are known as hidden fees is because they are never revealed while signing the contractual agreement, mainly because the other party plans to take advantage of you.

Before you sign an agreement with any property management company, make sure that all the fees are disclosed. You don’t want to first find out about them when you see them appearing somewhere on a ledger.

What Else to Look for in a Professional Property Management Company

Here are the other things that you should take note of when hiring property management companies. Be sure to go through every item in the list for your own protection.

  • Depth of responsibility that they are willing to take while overseeing the property on your behalf
  • Do they charge a reduced fee for vacant units?
  • How many other properties do they handle and what is their capacity? This is very critical in ensuring that you choose a company that is fully committed to your property and is able to attend all management spheres without any hitches.
  • How does the firm deal with rent defaulters?
  • What is the firm’s eviction procedure?
  • What is their record keeping procedure?
  • What is the firm’s marketing plan for vacant units?
  • What is their rate of responsiveness to tenant complaints and distress calls?
  • What is their repair and maintenance plan for your property? This is very important in ensuring that your property remains in good shape and does not depreciate in value. Do they bloat the costs of repairs?

Be very careful while choosing a professional property management company as it makes a big difference on the long-term success of your venture. Always look at the big picture. Taking a little more time to vet the company can relieve years of worry and avoid potential problems.

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Investment Property Management Memorial Park Atlanta Georgia

Investment Property Management Company Serving Memorial Park Atlanta Georgia If you are a real estate investor in Memorial Park Atlanta Georgia looking for a dependable rental property management company give RentVest Property Management a call. Don’t matter if you are looking for Property Manager in Hillsboro, Oregon or Property Management Company Houston, TX the consensus are that you should contact us. With more than 30,000 tenants and over than three thousand investors [...]