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If you are a real estate investor in Far West Side San Antonio Texas looking for a professional property managers give RentVest a try!

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The majority of rental property owners know that when you are searching for Property Manager in Salem, OR or Property Management Companies Houston, Texas. RentVestPM.Con is who you need to contact but do you know that we are also your best option for anyone in search of a affordable rental property management companies in Far West Side San Antonio Texas. As part of the MYND group we are better prepared to manage the day to day affairs of the more than thirty thousand tenants we serve, while improving the return on investment of the more than 3,000 investors that it is better to hire a affordable investment property manager in Far West Side San Antonio Texas.

Professional Investment Property Manager Distinct Duties

Real Estate property manager is the overseeing of investment properties. The property manager or property management company basically acts and makes decisions on the part of an investment home owner as a way to maximize ROI as well as to minimize risk on the property itself. Below, we are going to be going through a few of the reasons you should consider employing a professional investment property manager.

  1. Time: Many people that invest heavily into rental properties simply do not have the time that is needed to regularly maintain them and to keep them functioning. A management company can lessen the amount of time that is required for looking after property investments. Not only will they handle the everyday activities related to owning the home, but they make decisions for the investor.
  1. Legal Knowledge: People who invest in properties that participate in various legal programs will have to have specific legal understanding of the problems in order to porperly comply. A property management company will probably know the specific rules and they can possess the legal knowledge needed to ensure full compliance.
  1. Background Checks: It is very important properly inspect potential boarders. A property management company must have the time, experience, and means necessary to thoroughly examine all the potential tenants to reduce risk and grow returns from your property.
  1. Location: Lots of investors will purchase investment properties in several states. Since they are unable to physically be close to their investment at all times, they have a tendency to get out a smart investment manager as a way to maintain the many assignments that are required to deal with your property as well as its tenants.

A great investment property management company can be quite a substantial advantage to somebody who wants to buy a property. Investing in property is not only very time consuming, but it may be particularly risky when you are not familiar with the legalities connected with having and renting property and should you be unable to spend the needed time handling the property and doing landlord duties. After just one simple call with us an you will understand why RentVest Property Management is the top choice for anyone seeking a dependable rental property managers in Far West Side San Antonio Texas. If you would like additional details about the services offered by RentVest Property Management please take a look at our blog. There you will find blog articls on Property Management Wilmington Nc and other subjects of interest to property owners in Far West Side San Antonio Texas…

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Top 6 Upgrades Tenants Seek in a Rental Home or from a Property Management Service

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Finding great tenants can be very easy if you have most of these top 6 upgrades. When tenants look for the perfect rental home they seek these things most. That’s why companies that offer a property management service pay close attention. Why not showcase and highlight these within your rental investment? Spend your upgrade money wisely on things tenants seek most.

 The Dishwasher & Garbage Disposal:

These can be a must for average to premium rentals. Tenants are expecting their rental to have a dishwasher and garbage disposal. Tenants usually spend the most time in the kitchen and these two appliances make their life a whole lot easier.

Updated and Upgraded Kitchen:

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen and tenants crave a great looking kitchen. Having stainless steel appliances, nice counter-tops and some sort of recessed lighting makes a home worth living in. If you put any extra money into your rentals, this is where I would start. Having an upgraded kitchen affords the opportunity to leave the rest of the property a bit more mediocre, affordable, and less upgraded. Your home will be easier to show and your advertising will look great with good kitchen shots.

Washer & Dryer:

Every rental is different, and it’s very understandable that not all can hold a washer and dryer room, but if you can, do. I once lived in a one-bedroom apartment where they installed a stacked washer and dryer in the corner of the dining room, which they hid very well with a wood divider that they kept in the home. It made such a difference not having to leave the comfort of my apartment to use the communal laundromat down the street. Granted, it was a little more than the average apartment in the area, but worth every cent in my opinion.

Hardwood Floors:

What a treat these are! More and more often, renters are becoming wary of renting from homes with carpet, unless it’s brand new. No one likes the idea of living with the same carpet as someone else, and more people are finding hardwood floors to be affordable. You can purchase cheap flooring that still looks great and is easy to keep clean, especially when you have pets or children. Not only does a hardwood floor make a home look more expensive, but it eliminates worrying about the stains that might damage a newly carpeted floor. No one wants to see mistakes someone before them made.

New Paint:

I’m not sure how often people think about this perk, but a lot of renters do. Paint color and upkeep means a lot to a new renter, and it can up the price of a rental easily. A new coat of fresh, light-colored paint makes a home look clean, new, and refreshed — who doesn’t want that? No renter wants to move into a new place and see marks all over the wall that they now have to hide with a painting or a piece of furniture. They want their new home to be theirs and not feel like it should be directed by how the paint has been left by a previous renter.

Crown Molding:

Sounds fancy, looks fancy and creates visual interest and depth that excites anyone who sees it. Best part? It’s super simple to install. You can purchase pre-made pieces at Home Depot to be cut to the lengths you need, and with just a few simple staples from a staple gun, it adds an extreme sense of elegance to any rental for a low price.


This can make or break the feel of a rental for a tenant. I can successfully say I have absolutely said “no” to a rental based on blinds alone. I absolutely refuse to live in an apartment with vertical blinds. They look tacky, outdated, and extremely ugly. Finding a nice wood or clean and crisp white blind is worth the time and effort, and your tenant will thank you.

Final Words on Expected Property Management Services

Hopefully, these tips give you an idea of what would be recommended by a successful property management service. Renting shouldn’t be a hassle for a new renter; it should be an exciting new time where they feel right at home and are proud of the place where they live. You should strive to have a renter who wants to show off their new home and to showcase the beautiful features their property has. The more perks you add to a rental, the more you can raise prices, be picky about who you approve to rent out your property, and ultimately choose the tenants who truly care about where they live.

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Investment Property Management Far West Side San Antonio Texas

Investment Property Manager Serving Far West Side San Antonio Texas Are you a real estate investor in Far West Side San Antonio Texas in search of a top rated rental property manager give RentVest a call! Regardless you are searching for Property Managers in Fort Worth, TX or Property Management Companies in Kissimmee, FL many pros will concur that you take a look us. With more than 30,000 tenants and over than [...]