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Are you a real estate investor in or near East Riverside Oltorf Austin Texas in search of a professional investment property manager give us a chance to show you why we are the best!

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A good number of rental property owners know that if you are searching for Property Manager near Loveland, CO or Property Management Companies Arvada, CO. RentVestPM.Con is who you need to contact but do you know that we are also your best bet for property owners seeking a affordable property managers in East Riverside Oltorf Austin Texas! Now that we are part of the MYND group RentVestPM.Con is better equipped to manage the day to day affairs of the more than thirty thousand tenants we service, while improving the ROI of the more than 3,000 real estate investors in our network.

Skilled Investment Property Manager Defined Obligations

Real Estate property manager is the management of investment properties. The rental manager or rental management company really acts and makes decisions for the investment property owner as a way to maximize ROI and also to lessen risk on the property itself. Below, we shall be discussing several of the reasons you would like to consider working with a professional investment property manager.

  1. Time: A lot of people that invest greatly into investment properties simply don’t have the time that is required to consistenly maintain them and to keep them running well. A management company can reduce the amount of time that is required for having property investments. Not only can they deal with the day to day activities linked to owning your property, but they make decisions on the part of the property owner.
  1. Legal Knowledge: People who invest in properties that get involved in various legal programs will have to have particular legal familiarity with the problems to be able to effectively comply. A rental management company is going to know the specific rules and they can hold the legal knowledge needed to ensure full compliance.
  1. Background Record Checks: It is important to thoroughly examine potential tenants. A rental management company is going to have the time, practice, and funds essential to fully assess all of the potential tenants to minimize risk and maximize returns from your property.
  1. Location: Lots of investors will purchase investment properties in different areas. Because they are incapable of bodily be near their rental at all times, they have a tendency to get out a smart investment manager so that they can look after the many tasks that are needed to deal with your property and its tenants.

A smart investment property manager might be a significant benefit to somebody who is considering getting a property. Investing in property is not merely very time-consuming, but it may be particularly risky in case you are not familiar with the legalities connected with having and leasing property and in case you are struggling to spend the required time managing the property and dealing with landlord duties. After just one simple meeting with us an you‘ll understand why RentVest Property Management is your best bet for investor in need a affordable property management company in East Riverside Oltorf Austin Texas! If you would like additional details on the services offered by RentVestPM.Con please check out at our blog. There you‘ll find articles on Property Management Positions and other subjects of interest to investment property owners in East Riverside Oltorf Austin Texas…

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Investment Property Management Tips and Checklists for Preparing a Newly Vacant Rental for the Next Tenant

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When a tenant moves out, the property manager or landlord heads in to clean the vacated unit for the next tenant.  Sometimes, the tenant leaves the apartment in great shape and the cleanup is minimal. Other times, there’s a lot of tossing, scrubbing, and refreshing to do. That’s when you need to put your proficient investment property management skills to good use.

What can you do? In order to get a new tenant in quickly, the property needs to be spic and span before prospective tenants can even view it.  A clean property is a means to an end in this business, and the cleaner the property, the higher the quality of the tenant you can sign and the sooner the that rental income is coming in again.

As you already know, cutting corners on cleaning is not an option, but you’re only human. Mistakes can be made. Have a checklist to help ensure you don’t miss anything.

Here are some tips that may help you simplify the task. It may also help you find ways to delegate some of the work next time.  You’ll also find some helpful investment property management software suggestions and resources to help you manage the tasks.

  1. Attend the move-out inspection with another investment property management crew.

Just as important as the tenant’s move-in inspection is the move-out inspection. In some ways, the move-out may even be more important. The move-out inspection is the tenant’s one opportunity to dispute property damages you’d otherwise attribute to him or her. It also facilitates communication between you and the tenant regarding damages and who’s responsible for what to save haggling later on. Don’t forget to get all sets of unit keys back, including any tenant-created duplicates.

  1. Gather and maintain photographic records of the unit being vacated.

Visual evidence is your best ally should any disputes arise after the tenant has left. Photographs aren’t always admissible in court as absolute proof, but they’re good to have when it’s time to clear up some matters. It’s also helpful to maintain photos of all units from move-in and move-out inspections to have a a record of how the property holds up over time. Better yet, start using an app like InspectCheck to record and store the details of your tenant move-in and move-out inspections.

  1. Check the former tenant’s utility accounts.

Never assume that tenants will switch the utilities off in the unit they’re vacating. Add a step to the move-out inspection requiring proof of utility turn-off or access to relevant utility account information to avoid problems when a new tenant is ready to move in.  If a tenant fails to pay their utility bill in full, which is required to turn off a utility account, the property owner could be stuck paying it.

If utility deadbeats have been a problem in the past, consider retaining control of the utilities for all units and charging tenants with their monthly rent. This can save you time and keep associated accounts under your control.

 If you haven’t already, add language to your lease agreements that holds tenants responsible for cleaning the unit before move-out

Give your tenants a detailed checklist of their cleaning responsibilities before the move-out inspection. Including both major and minor tasks you expect them to complete. Ideally, by requiring tenants to clean their units upon move-out minimizes the amount of cleaning you’ll have to follow up with. That’s the way to delegate.

  1. Get cleaning. Here’s that checklist we talked about earlier.

Add some or all of these cleaning products to your cleansing arsenal to spare yourself some elbow grease.
[ ]  Inspect all appliances. Make repairs to any that aren’t functioning properly or call in a pro to make the repair. If an appliance is on its last legs, consider replacing it with an energy-efficient version, which will appeal to potential tenants.

[ ]  If the unit you’re cleaning is furnished, replace any pieces that are worn out or won’t come clean anymore.
[ ]  Hire a service to clean the blinds. Requiring tenants to clean the blinds before move-out may not be the best idea. Blinds become fragile over time and break easily, especially when they’re being cleaned by someone who’s in a rush to leave. Put off replacing window treatments longer by hiring a service to come in and do the job. You could clean them yourself, but you have better things to do, Besides, a cleaning service has the appropriate equipment to get the job done thoroughly.
[ ]  Clean all windows and forgotten nooks and crannies. Even when tenants follow your meticulous checklist, they’re likely to miss a few things.  But their uncleaned spots and smudges can lead to grime buildup over time, and that means potential tenants may decide to look elsewhere and you’ll be scrubbing, painting, and replacing outlet and light switch covers.
[ ]  Speaking of outlet and light switch covers, make sure to check them while you’re cleaning. Additionally, check under the lip of bathroom and kitchen counter tops, baseboards, ceiling fan blades, doorknobs, the floor around the base of the toilet, bathtub grout, and everywhere else you’d rather not venture (but have to).
[ ]  Once you’ve finished cleaning, go back and re-clean key areas. Start with the kitchen and dining areas. Make sure the kitchen countertop, appliances, and floor gleam shiny-bright. Next, re-clean the bathroom, making sure you get a high-def reflection of your face in the reflection of their gleaming surfaces.

  1. Check the apartment for any signs that maintenance is needed.

Inspect the plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom carefully looking for signs of leaks (visible or otherwise), mold or mildew. Inspect walls and closets to see if there are any holes in the drywall that need repair. Make sure all window locks function properly and replace burned out lightbulbs in every room.

Walls and floor

Have carpets cleaned or replaced.
[ ]  Spackle any holes in the walls from picture hanging hardware or irresponsible dart games, and apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls (and the ceilings if they need it).
[ ]  Download the UpKeep maintenance app for property managers.

  1.  Time to clean up outside!

Check out the unit’s exterior. Clean or re-paint the front door.
[ ]  Sweep the patio if the apartment has one, and sweep the front door entrance area. If there’s a doormat, shake off any debris or just throw it away if it’s irretrievably dirty. If the rental property is a single-family home, use the hose or rent a pressure washer to clean sidewalks, the driveways, porch and patio areas.  Clean debris out of the gutters, check the siding to see if any areas need cleaning or paint touch-ups. Trim unruly bushes, mow the lawn (or have it mowed). Walk the property checking for anything you may have missed. If everything’s good, then you can say that you’ve done some good investment property management today.

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