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RentVest, more than just rental property management!

Welcome to RentVest, the Flat-Rate Property Management Company every real estate investor dreams of! That is because we are a full-service home rental agency and property management who understands the needs of those who buy real estate as an investment. Today we service not only the Mesa, Arizona market where our company was founded but many other highly desirable markets throughout the US, including Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Denver, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Portland, Atlanta, Vancouver, Reno, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Revolutionizing the Industry One Investment Property at the Time!

RentVest, a property management company, has revolutionized the industry. Our transparent fees have gained local and national praise and our technology is the foundation that bridges our processes and customer service. RentVest is a home rental agency founded on the principle that great customer success makes a great company. Our property managers have devoted countless hours, days, months, and years into building a customer-centric real estate management company.

We have comprised a team of great individuals whose performance in rental property management is unmatched in the industry. Time and time again we hear horror stories of property managers who have dropped the ball and caused real financial damage to the homeowner and tenant. This is what motivated us to originally establish RentVest as the best property management company in Phoenix, AZ and then expanded across the United States.

Flat-Rate Property Management Company

We’re the Most Reliable Property Management Company

This home rental agency was established by some of the most successful people in the local real estate scene. But what makes us stand out from our competitors is our inclination to take advantage of the newest technologies to build efficient time-tested processes for the benefit of our clients. We combine technology with our real estate knowledge, operational expertise, financial visions, and marketing executions. Not a lot of property management companies can do what we perform best.

Our team of dedicated property managers has many years of experience under their belt. We have property managers working in key locations of the country, such as Salt Lake City, Tucson, Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Reno, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Seattle, Honolulu, Portland, Atlanta, and Vancouver. Indeed, we have come a long way from our humble beginnings in Phoenix, AZ.  This is proof that we’re really good at what we do.

We have hired only the best employees and trust every single one of them with our personal investments. We not only offer the most complete full-service property management experience but give the highest performing results for our clients. This is why we are not just a full-service real estate management company but a full performance property management company. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service, which financially benefits the landlords. Our property managers always provide the highest quality work that we can possibly offer.